Head, neck and shoulder massage - 30 min (210.000 VND)
This treatment is designed to help stimulate the nerves, releasing stress that has accumulated in the tissue and muscles in specific points of the head, neck and shoulders. A great choice for those who suffer from headaches.
Swedish massage - 60 min (380.000 VND)
Swedish massage improves circulation and eases muscle aches and tension by gently massaging the body to promote a feeling of well-being and relaxation that is spiritually uplifting.
Hot stone massage - 90 min (580.000)
The healing action of using warm stones to restore balance and induce deep muscle relaxation. It is a perfect treatment for these suffering from muscle tension, leaving you with a feeling of relaxation and a sweet night sleep ahead.
Aromatherapy massage - 60 minutes (400.000 VND)
This massage uses essential oils and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering one’s mood. It also helps to extract toxins, giving you a healthy body as well as a great experience.
Coral spa signature massage - 90 min (550.000 VND)
This therapy is designed to relieve stress and muscle pain through a variety of massage techniques such as stretches and finger and palm pressure, that will re-balance your energy and sprite. A deeply relaxing massage using 100% natural coconut oil.
Sunburn relief – 40 min (300.000 ) This treatment is designed to relieve heat stroke and burned skin by using cooling, natural ingredients such as aloe vera or cucumber.
Asian blend body therapy - 60 min (380.000)
This massage is designed as a recovery from injuries and releases tension, relaxes the muscles and recharges your energy by pressing on specific points on the body, giving you a great feeling of rejuvenation.
Back care treatment - 45min (320.000)
A deeply relaxing treatment for the back, neck, and shoulders that provides quick and effective relief from the tension, aches, and pains that result from walking long distances or sitting too long on your journey. A must for travelers!
Body scrub / Body wrap - 40 min (300.000)
This treatment is designed to gently cleanse and remove dead skin cells. It also helps nourish the skin with the best natural ingredients. Choice of natural ingredients:
Body scrub:
* Coconut flakes
* Coffee *
Aromatic salt *
Honey and black sesame
Body wrap: - Red bean - Cereal - Chocolate - Avocado
Eyelash extension: Full set 600.000 Fill in 500.000
Classic manicure + color 170.000
Classic pedicure + color 170.000
Deluxe manicure 270.000
Deluxe  pedicure 300.000
Your hands or feet are gently cleansed with warm water, followed by a lotion massage to relax and nourish the skin. Our therapist will then cut, cuticle, file, buff, exfoliate and ginger wrap with a warm towel. There are many beautiful colors of nail varnish to choose from which are 100% product of O.P.I from the USA.
Notice: deluxe pedicure also includes heel care, giving you the ultimate foot care experience.
Natural facial care - 60 min (380.000)
Your face is gently cleansed and purified with a silk bag of red bean powder, nourished with a flower mask and then massaged with pure essential oils. With Coral spa facial pampering your complexion becomes visibly clearer, fresher and smoother looking.
Choice of ingredient for facial mask
* Jasmine flower
* Dragon fruit
* Banana and fresh yogurt
* Cucumber
Healthy foot and leg therapy- 60 min ( 360.000 )
This treatment begins by cleansing your tired feet with a mix of warm water and ginger wine, followed by a massage that works from the toes up through the leg to release tiredness and increase blood circulation, giving your legs a new energy and flexibility.
Pampering foot care - 30 min (200.000)
All packages include 10% discount
Package 3 & 4 will offer meal and juice.
1. Stress get away – 2hr (760.000) Swedish massage - 60 min  Facial care - 60 min
2. Renew – 2hr 10 min ( 850.000 ) Body scrub/ or body wrap - 40 min Coral signature- 90 min.
3. Retreat after a long day - 3 hr 10 min (1.260.000)
Body scrub/ or body wrap - 40 min Hot stone massage - 90 min Relaxing facial - 60 min
4. Spa journey - 4 hr (1.560.000)
Body scrub 40min Coral spa Signature massage - 90 min Facial - 60 min Deluxe manicure/ or deluxe pedicure - 50 min